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2017 Issue

The Country Register of California & No. Nevada is published every two months.

For those who prefer to read on-line we are now publishing the complete paper here for you on our web site and will leave back issues on as well. How often we have been called and someone has given their paper away or misplaced it and needed the name or location of a shop, a tea room or wanted to know where there was a paper close to them.

The print edition will still be available as usual in each advertising shop and other select rack locations. Some people will always and forever prefer to sit down in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and read through the paper edition page by page. The younger generations are more apt to go on-line and so we hope to just broaden our readership and bring more customers to the shops because of this extra exposure.

Cover Artist featured in this issue: 

Sandy Lynam Clough

Sandy Lynam Clough’s art is now on quilt fabric!  To see her latest collection visit P&B Textiles (  Her art is also on many products.

She creates beautifully realistic paintings and designs that can only be described as “Fresh-ditional”!  They are both fresh and contemporary, yet her painting is fine art.  This combination of fresh and traditional is uniquely Sandy Clough and appears on many licensed products. A fourth generation artist, Sandy got her earliest art training and encouragement  from her artist father and from her mother.  She began selling her paintings as an art major at Mississippi College and used her art to represent her college as Miss Mississippi College and Second Alternate to Miss Mississippi.  Although she has a degree in Art and a Master’s Degree in Art Education, her heart was in painting instead of teaching.  Mississippi College has twice named her Art Alumnus of the Year. 

Her career began with original paintings and limited and open edition prints. Now products featuring her art are available throughout the United States, Canada, Australia¸ New Zealand, China, Turkey and Russia.  For over 25 years Sandy’s art has been licensed for hundreds of gift and home décor items that include home decor, table top, garden flags, kitchen textiles, stationery, framed art, calendars, paper tableware, recipe binders, quilt fabrics and much more. 

In 2010, Harvest House Publishers presented her with their Harvest Gold Award in recognition of the sale of 1,000,000 gift books using her art, several of which she also wrote.  She has authored and/or  illustrated 30 gift books.  Her latest book is the devotional journal, “A Garden of Hope”.  Both her art and her writing are inspired and grounded by her Christian faith. 

To see some of Sandy’s many products, please visit her website at