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August - September 2017

Once again, the year has just flown by, and yes, once again…it’s almost Christmas! It never ceases to amaze me that year after year I still get that same feeling of wonder and awe that I remember so fondly from my childhood. These memories and feelings are triggered by the simplest of things…the crisp winter air, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces around the neighborhood, the pretty snow covering just about everything, the wonderful twinkling Christmas lights! The simple joys of simple activities…hot cocoa by the fire, working on Christmas presents, snuggling up with your favourite book, or your favourite honey ;)

I guess this year I am focusing on the simple because I, for one, have fallen prey to the “other side” of the Christmas season. The hustle and bustle, the non-stop stress machine of getting everything done for everyone, all at once, and all to perfection! It is so easy to fall into this trap! Don’t do it dearest readers, don’t do it!

Ok, so maybe a little too melodramatic, but my point is, in my opinion, the key to wonderful holidays is to strike a healthy balance. This balance of activities is different for every one of us, so what may be super hectic for some is a walk in the park for others! So my humble advice to you, dear readers, is to just have fun. If you look for the fun in your everyday life (especially during this season) everything tends to balance out just fine!

As we are also entering a new year, I want to sincerely thank some key players from our team that helped us throughout this past year. First of all, to our wonderful, excellent advertisers and you, our dear readers (yes, you are part of our team too!) without you we wouldn’t have a Country Register of Ontario. To Cathy, our wonderfully talented, sharp as a tack, fantastically creative (…I could go on…) graphic designer. To Bill Whitaker, our printer extraordinaire, who actually puts the magic on paper! To our cover artists, who through their art stir up the emotions that summarize each issue. And finally to our columnists and contributors that bring us the best in entertaining informative crafting content!

Thank you all and have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.

Happy Holidays!          Merry Christmas!       Happy New Year!                  

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The Thousand Islands region of Ontario, Canada, was the perfect backdrop for a childhood lled with adventure for Richard De Wolfe, an artist who still identi es strongly with rural life. The forests, elds, and of course the mighty St. Lawrence River, made the wonders of nature come alive for him.

The art of Richard De Wolfe has been very popular ever since his rst one-man show at the age of eighteen. That show was a sell out, supplying him with commissions for many months after. He went on to spend twenty- ve years as an illustrator, producing paintings for national and international corporationssuch as General Motors, Pepsi-Cola, and Sony.

“I believe that working as an illustrator was the best training I could possibly have had. The wide variety of subjects and tight deadlines forced me to hone my skills and become very pro cient as a painter. I feel that many of the nest painters alive today are former illustrators,” Richard says.

Richard’s subject matter is wide-ranging and ever changing. He has painted landscapes and wildlife extensively, but also paints still-life subjects, farm and family scenes, boats, horses and just about anything that catches his eye and imagination. When asked what he wants to accomplish through his art, Richard says, “The important thing is to help people to see what I see and feel what I feel about a subject. What you paint is far less important than how you paint it.”

Together with his wife Mary, Richard lives on a horse farm near Kingston, Ontario, where he can study and paint scenes of farm and rural life as well as the wildlife, which is all around him. Richard’s work is available in prints as well as originals. He has participated in many prestigious art shows such as Wildlife Habitat Canada Stamp Competition, the Wye Marsh Festival, and Canadian Artist and Photographers in Communication Annual Exhibition. Richard is listed in Who’s Who in Ontario.

Richard’s originals and prints are available on the web at www. rdewolfe.com, or by email at info@richarddewolfe.com.