A Country Register Cover Story...

Each Country Register publisher selects front cover art to fit their readership, their subject matter, or to showcase a local or national artist. The seasons play a big part in the art selection as well. Shown here are just a few great samples from a selection of our Publishers.

Pictured on the far left is the front cover from Arizona from their August-September 2012 issue which was their annual Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles issue. The art pictured is actually the work of Vintage photographer Pan Stadlberger who has an ETSY Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/TheMapleTeaHouse. Vintage seems to be the big buzz sweeping across the country these days and Pan certainly captured that in her photos.

Next in this line up of covers is from California and their February-March 2013 issue. This beautiful art work is that of Penny Lane Publishing artist, Ed Wargo. To view more of his work go to www.PennyLanePublishing.com. The name of this particular art is "Beauty in Bloom IV." It is a reminder in a pleasant way that spring and summer are ahead.

The winter season is always fun represented by a snowman and that is just what The Country Register of Maryland did on their January-February 2013 issue. The artist is Michelle Palmer from upstate New York and Linda McDonald, Inc. is the exclusive licensing agency for Michelle's artwork which can be found on candle accessories, woven throws, pillows, tote bags, coaster, cutting boards, clocks, fabric, children's furniture, wall decor, and many, many other products. For more information on her work contact Linda McDonald, Inc. at 704-370-0057.

Last but not least is a cover that represents the quilting industry that is such a big part of The Country Register newspapers. This cover from the Great Plains that covers Montana, Wyoming, N. Idaho and The Dakotas was from their July-August 2012 issue. The main focus on this cover was the Outdoor Quilt Show at the Historical Village in August at Eureka, Montana. It looks like a pretty unique and fun experience. Maybe it can be on your list of Country Register destinations for next year.

Now perhaps you are motivated to go to different publishers sites and see the beautiful art work on more Country Registers and discover events all across the USA and Canada.

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