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The Country Register is Celebrating its 25th Anniversary

It is an exciting year for The Country Register now in its 25th year of publishing. In this day and age when the Internet has diminished or ended many printed publications The Country Register just keeps growing. When a new publisher begins The Country Register for Alabama in the spring of 2013 there will be Country Registers in 46 states and 5 provinces of Canada. The last year has brought on board several new publishers. One of the biggest additions to The Country Register over the years has been the abundance of Quilting and Needlework Shops and Events we help promote in addition to all the other shops and events we began with in 1988. The antique business has survived well and Vintage is the new buzzword and passion of many these days. When the paper first started many businesses were labeled "country". Just as the shops have evolved to current trends, so has The Country Register. We promote what our readership loves and we are all across the country.

Believe it or not, even though most of The Country Register editions are available on-line, our readers still love picking up their free copy or subscribing to the paper in order to have one handy all the time. Each publisher selects their own feature stories and cover art and so each paper has its own flair. They do a wonderful job and are very committed to their publications and their readers and advertisers.

It is also an exciting year for founder, Barbara Floyd, as she enjoys her first year of semi-retirement from all her years as a publisher in Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Nebraska. For the first time in twenty-five years she escaped five months of Arizona heat by going to Walla Walla, WA during the summer months of 2012 without needing to return for a print deadline. She did enjoy distribution of papers in E. WA and finding a few new contacts in that area. Duties of The Country Register, Inc., which holds the license for each publisher, continue and are very different from the actual publishing end of things. She continues to sell a few ads, write a few articles and is always on the lookout for new shops and shows that would benefit from The Country Register. Old habits don't go away easily.

There still remain opportunities with The Country Register in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Alaska. If you are interested just email us: info@countryregister.com or call 602-237-6008. Publishing in this digital world does take many skills that were not required years ago for becoming a publisher. It also takes a passion for this kind of work that includes sales, service, bookkeeping, editing, and lots of creativity.

Niche newspapers are in demand and serve a great purpose. Good advertising is always in style! We love our readers and our advertisers. It is the advertisers who make this free publication available in 44 states and 4 provinces.


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